Friday, August 22, 2008

Breaking news 22nd August 2008
A study by senior UK parliamentary officials concludes that iPhones are becoming a leading cause of minor marital frustrations. In a survey of female inhabitants of Clapham Junction, London, the snazzy new gadget was found to lie in third position, fast creeping up on its rivals, the X-box (1st place) and the PSP (2nd place).
Greasy Anthony, long term owner of Tony's cafe on Northcote Road, said that his wife had gone back to Turkey in a huff after he bought one. "But I no missing that fat cow, I just playing on the X-box and surfing the net on iPhone, innit" he revealed.
One concerned wife of 2 years suspected that her husband's anniversary greeting was sent automatically by the iPhone, which she labelled a "silicon-based gooseberry".
Respondents* also cited incidences of "Playing PSP under the table during Serious Conversations" and "taking Grand Theft Auto more Seriously than Real Life"
The zoom function on the iPhone was revealed to be the most irritating feature.
* total number of survey respondents=1

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