Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Travel Tips

For all frequent travelers like the one I've become, I found this link very useful:
Flash / How to Fold a Shirt

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Here's an intersting technology development - its called AJAX ( short for Asynch Javascript and XML). As this Microsoft Watch article talks aboutCould Ajax Wash Away 'Smart Clients'?, and Mary Jo questions - will we see a world divided between Ajax and Smart Clients? The reality is that smart clients are no different from Ajax if MS truly wants to see this survive and get adopted.

The interesting piece is that it is not an either/or situation - smart clients will need to have common foundations, and perhaps the only way they will deviate is in the usage of Flash. As my buddy Chuao points out, here is one company called Xamlon that integrates Ajax and Flash( you can also read the news article here).

Don't forget to check out their cool demo here.

Monday, April 04, 2005

CTIA presentations from New Orleans

Here's the link:
Business Wire: The Global Leader in News Distribution

Don't miss ESPN's George Bodenheimer talk.