Thursday, March 24, 2005

More on Desktop Search

OK, so after some experimentation in the best way to find information on my PC, I stumbled upon ViaPoint here. This is a new class of applications that are becoming increasingly prevalent - founded upon the new platform for the web - Google web services. ViaPoint simply extends desktop search and sits on top of the Google Desktop Search tool.

The goal as I understood it was to make it easier to categorize and provide a rich user interface to find your stuff. The concept is great, but falls pretty behind on the execution, IMHO. The scan process takes infinitely long, the install is a whopping 75 Megs and at the end of the day, what a Google can do with just 3 Megs seems more than the sloooow unintuitive interface that ViaPoint provides.

I see that as a problem. Anyone else care to refute?

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Dan Housman said...

Thanks for the look. I am the product management guy here at Viapoint. We are trying to solve both problems (file size and scan time). What I have learned as a product manager thus far of a desktop organizer tool is that it is a hard but solvable problem. Keep an eye out for the next release in June. It will have a scanner that runs in the background and we are trying to trim the download by swapping out MSDE for a more lightweight database. We always appreciate the feedback even if it isn't as flattering as it could be.

- Cheers!